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U.S. Geological Survey Oceanographic Time-Series Data Collection

Current and Sediment Transport Studies on Georges Bank

Description: Data from a series of field experiments carried out in the Georges Bank and New England Shelf region are provided here. Long-term observations of currents and near-seafloor processes were collected to document the causes, frequency, and magnitude of near-seafloor sediment resuspension and transport. Experiments were conducted to assess the around-bank flow (the Georges Bank gyre), the along-shelf variability in flow (simultaneous observations on the southern flank of Georges Bank and in the Middle Atlantic Bight), the seasonal changes in flow (long-term observations at two stations on the southern flank of Georges Bank), and the flux of water westward south of Nantucket Shoals (the Nantucket Shoals Flux Experiment). As part of this program, simultaneous observations were also collected in the Middle Atlantic Bight. The Lydonia Canyon experiment, the Oceanographer Canyon experiment, and the Slope experiment were follow-on studies; each has an experiment page.

Duration: 1975-1984

USGS Principal Investigators: B. Butman and M. Noble

Collaborators: NOAA/NMFS, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Bureau of Land Management (subsequently Minerals Management Service, now Bureau of Ocean Energy Management)


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Field Activity Reports: 1975-004-FA, 1975-015-FA, 1975-020-FA, 1975-031-FA, 1976-006-FA, 1976-008-FA, 1976-031-FA, 1976-049-FA, 1976-050-FA, 1977-009-FA, 1977-032-FA, 1978-001-FA, 1978-010-FA, 1978-031-FA, 1978-035-FA, 1979-004-FA, 1979-021-FA, 1979-035-FA, 1979-037-FA, 1980-001-FA, 1980-009-FA, 1980-030-FA, 1980-034-FA, 1982-011-FA, 1982-015-FA.

Revision History

  • Description and publications updated: August, 2018
  • Original data publication prior to 2006

Please use the following citation when referencing this dataset:

Butman, Bradford, Noble, M.A. Lightsom, F.L., Oceanographic Measurements-- Georges Bank, Massachusetts, 1975-1984: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Data Access

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Station Locations


For more detail about the measurements collected at each site, browse GB_SED.kml (using Google Earth).

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