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Description: Measurements of currents and other oceanographic properties were made at two locations to understand the transport and long-term fate of sediments and associated contaminants in Massachusetts Bay, one to the south of the new ocean outfall (LT-A), and at a second location about 22 km to the southeast of the ocean outfall offshore of Scituate, Mass (LT-B). This set of field observations is part of a larger project to develop a predictive capability and understanding of the fate, transport, and environmental effects of sewage wastes discharged to the coastal ocean (see

Duration: 1989 - 2006

USGS PI's: B. Butman, M. Bothner, and R. Signell

Collaborators: Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, U.S. Coast Guard, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Butman, Bradford, Dalyander, P.S., Bothner, M.H., Borden, Jonathan, Casso, M.A., Gutierrez, B.T., Hastings, M.E., Lightsom, F.L., Martini, M.A., Montgomery, E.T, Rendigs, R.R., and Strahle, W.S., 2009, Long-term oceanographic observations in Massachusetts Bay, 19892006: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 74, v. 3.0, DVD-ROM. Also available online at

Bothner, M.H. and Butman, B. (eds.), 2007, Processes influencing the transport and fate of contaminated sediments in the coastal ocean –
Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay. U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1302. 89 p. Also online at

Butman, Bradford, Dalyander, P.S., Bothner, M.H., and Lange, W.H., 2008, Time-Series Photographs of the Sea Floor in Western Massachusetts Bay, Version 2, 1989-1996: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 265, Version 2.0, DVD-ROM. Also online at

Butman, Bradford, Dalyander, P.S., Bothner, M.H., and Lange, W.H., 2008, Time-Series Photographs of the Sea Floor in Western Massachusetts Bay, 1996-2005: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 266, Version 1.0, DVD-ROM. Also online at

Butman, B., Sherwood, C.R., and Dalyander, P.S., 2008, Northeast storms ranked by wind stress and wave-generated bottom stress observed in Massachusetts Bay, 1990-2006: Continental Shelf Research, v. 28, no. 10-11, p. 1231-1245. DOI: 10.1016/j.csr.2008.02.010.

Martini, M., Butman , B., Mickelson, M., 2007, Long-term performance of Aanderra Optodes and Sea-Bird SBE-43 dissolved oxygen sensors at 32 m in Massachusetts Bay, J. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 24, 1924-1935.

Warner, J.C., Butman, Bradford, and Dalyander, P. Soupy, 2008, Storm-driven sediment transport in Massachusetts Bay. Continental Shelf Research, 28, 257-282.

Field Activity Reports: 1989-035-FA, 1990-002-FA, 1990-016-FA, 1990-041-FA, 1991-005-FA, 1991-016-FA, 1991-036-FA, 1992-002-FA, 1992-008-FA, 1992-026-FA, 1992-029-FA, 1992-032-FA, 1993-002-FA, 1993-003-FA, 1993-011-FA, 1993-024-FA, 1993-031-FA, 1994-015-FA, 1994-019-FA, 1994-022-FA, 1994-035-FA, 1994-040-FA, 1995-017-FA, 1995-022-FA, 1995-032-FA, 1995-035-FA, 1995-038-FA, 1995-039-FA, 1996-007-FA, 1996-012-FA, 1996-019-FA, 1996-023-FA, 1996-049-FA, 1997-015-FA, 1997-016-FA, 1997-017-FA, 1997-029-FA, 1997-043-FA, 1997-044-FA, 1998-011-FA, 1998-019-FA, 1998-028-FA, 1998-044-FA, 1999-007-FA, 1999-008-FA, 1999-009-FA, 1999-021-FA, 1999-040-FA, 2000-002-FA, 2000-003-FA, 2000-004-FA, 2000-048-FA, 2000-062-FA, 2000-066-FA, 2000-085-FA, 2001-022-FA, 2001-023-FA, 2001-024-FA, 2001-051-FA, 2001-061-FA, 2001-068-FA, 2001-069-FA, 2001-080-FA, 2001-085-FA, 2001-086-FA, 2002-026-FA, 2002-044-FA, 2002-045-FA, 2002-046-FA, 2002-048-FA, 2002-056-FA, 2002-064-FA, 2003-028-FA, 2003-031-FA, 2003-057-FA, 2004-016-FA, 2004-023-FA, 2004-026-FA, 2004-032-FA, 2004-065-FA, 2005-003-FA, 2005-022-FA, 2005-023-FA, 2005-025-FA, 2005-038-FA, 2006-003-FA

Explore where measurements were made and the kinds of data collected during this
experiment using GoogleEarth (V4 or better required) with MBAY_LT.kml and MBAY_LTB.kml.

FGDC metadata for this experiment.

Map of station locations
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Links to the Data

South of Ocean Outfall (site LT-A) Offshore of Scituate, Mass. (site LT-B) Data access via OPeNDAP
Basic Sampling Interval Basic Sampling Interval LT-A Data access via THREDDS
Hour-averaged Hour-averaged LT-B Data access via THREDDS
Low-Passed Filtered

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